SEJKOM Logistics


Importing raw material and goods is one of the paths of increasing quality and profit margins. There are number of benefits in importing the goods, such as high quality, low price, availability and benefits related to international trade. There are various challenges in importing shipment, it needs proper management, planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Sejkom helps businesses to import shipments once customer has placed the order to supplier. We have alliance in most of the countries for physical collection of goods, shipment/container booking, customs clearance in exporting country, freight forwarding and various other process required for import management.

One of the biggest advantage of having export management company over in-house exporting team is the expertise and specialization they bring to the job. Export management company goal is to simply export customer shipment in most efficient and cost effective way. The amount of time and resources it would take to train and hire an entire team of in-house exporters would be far greater than having to deal with export management company like Sejkom.

We ensure compliance, rules and regulations, proper documentation and faster customs clearance for exporting shipments. When we take over exporting side of customer business then peace of mind for customer proves that Sejkom is best export management company for all export businesses.


Our CHA have vast experience in managing and clearing import/export shipment.


Our global alliance helps speedy clearance and connection of shipments.

Shipment Tracking

All our shipments are tracked globally and real time status is available to customers.